Edison HS

Mission: to mobilize our congregation to serve the students and community of our local high school.

For over five years, our congregation and EMT have mobilized and served the students and community of our local high school.

Our approach is rational, we have direct contact with key staff who share with us ongoing needs as well as asking for our help in supporting a student crisis.


On Campus @ EHS

Rose Garden:

As we tend the rose garden, we are always so blessed by so many teachers, administrators and students who talk to us and thank us for nurturing the roses. They all comment on the garden’s beautiful garden on campus. Frequently, we cut flowers for the office staff and teachers and sometimes even for a student who is captivated by the blooms.

EHS Support Specialist Meeting

At this yearly meeting the EHS volunteers have the opportunity to see the needs of the school and identify how they can best serve the students and faculty.

Cram Jam Events

EMT volunteers partner with Edison staff to host this study session to help students prepare for finals. CPC provides snacks as study groups are led by HES staff and students.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

EMT supports FCA at Edison High School by volunteering and assisting with food.


Contact the church office for more information on how you can contribute to or join the Edison Mission Team!