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Life Groups are home fellowships led by trained leaders and hosts. They consist of couples or groups of individuals who meet weekly to socialize, share, and support one another and study God’s word. We run three sessions during the year – winter, spring and fall.
We believe Life Groups are the hub of our ministry.


 Life Group Questions

Did you miss the sermon this week or misplace your Life Group questions? No worries.  Just click on the button below for a copy of the sermon notes & life group questions or to listen to the sermon.

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 Life Groups FAQ

How Do I Join a Group?
Fill out the form to the left and we will help place you in a group.  We recommend groups are formed of individuals or couples who share a similar life situations or interests.
When and Where Do They Meet?
Life groups meet on various nights of the week in homes near Christ Pacific. 
What Will We Study?
Most of the studies are based on the sermon series and Life Group Questions from the back of the sermon notes.  Some groups choose alternate material that is of interest to the group.
What About Child Care?
Life Groups are for adults only.  We leave it it to each family to work out their own child care.  Some Life Groups choose to share a sitter during their meeting.
Can I Change Groups?
Not all Life Groups are a “perfect fit”.  If you don’t feel you are in the right group for you let us know and we will gladly assist you.  Keep it mind that you may need to try several groups before you find the one for you.