Pacific Kids Ministries

Kids Church Curriculum

What are my kids learning?

We are currently learning about the FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT. When we become part of God’s forever family, God helps grow these fruits, these character traits in us through His Spirit. God trains us to love others, be joyful always, become peacemakers and many more.

For each fruit of the Spirit, we highlight a character in the Bible who shows them living out their faith in God. For each lesson, we use play dough to create and mold different parts of the story. We like the play dough are being molded by God’s Spirit to be models of faith everyday and everywhere.

Our verse this unit is from Galatians 5:22. The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

What will my kids be learning?

Starting July 2021, we will be introducing new curriculum for our Tidepool Class (Early Childhood Toddler to Preschool). We will be using the Puggles curriculum. Puggles introduces biblical concepts at church and equips families to teach them at home. This year-long preschool ministry curriculum features playful activities, engaging songs and simple crafts as well as take-home resources.

We will also be introducing a new curriculum for our BoardWalk Classes (Younger & Older Elementary). We are excited to use Brite for our weekend Kids Church. We are passionate about child discipleship and want to provide a space for resilient disciples who Believe, Belong, and Become and who lead and love like Jesus.

Sunday update:

Thank you for your kind consideration through every transition. 

Are there new updates? It's June 2021!

Absolutely! We have since opened a Nursery/Toddler/Walker classroom. We are so excited to welcome our littlest friends.

Starting June 6, outdoor Kids Church will make masks optional with physical distancing. We are excited to see your smiling faces and show our smiles to our kiddos!

Check-in will be at 1030 am not later in the service. Thank you for worshipping with your kiddos. We thought it was a great time to model to our kids.


Our next transitions will be moving indoors for our Tidepool (Preschool) and Younger BoardWalk (K-2nd) and Older BoardWalk (3-5th G) classes. Stay tuned.

What safety protocols do you
have in place to keep my kids and I safe?

First, we ask that if you have any signs and symptoms of any illness that you stay home.
Second, we ask that families do a temperature check at home before coming to church. Fever is any temperature higher than 100.4.

What safety protocols continued...

Third, we ask that parents fill out a Check-In Form asking for parent’s name and number, kids name and age, and our COVID screening questions:

Fourthly, we will be offering hand sanitizers at the beginning and end of each station.

What safety protocols continued...

Lastly for right now we are having family units stick together. Parents are welcome to be at Kids Church if you would like.

The next transition is for our Preschool to move indoors, and for our Elementary classes to move indoors.

Do my kids need to wear a mask?

We will encourage kids to still be physically distanced and if you would like to have your child wear a mask, we help with that but masks are optional so long as we are outside and maintaining physical distance from each other.

What’s the schedule like?

Parents and kids will be in our worship gathering so we can sing worship together.
Kids church starts at 1025.
1030-1035 Check-In
1040-1100 Station 1
1100-1120 Station 2
1120-1135 Playground Play
1135-40 Parent Pick up.


AWANA stands for Approved Workers Are Not Ashamed from 2 Timothy 2:15. It is our child discipleship program that is both Highly Scriptural and  Highly Relational. At AWANA we help kids hide God’s Word in their hearts and make life-long friends. We want kids to respond to the love of God in Jesus that they respond in worship and give their lives to the Lord and live generous lives now.

We are excited to offer In-Person AWANA this Fall 2021 on Wednesday evenings again. Stay tuned for more information.


At Olympic VBS, kids (toilet trained 3 year old preschool to 5th grade) will discover that Jesus strengthens us in the coliseum of life. Fun-filled and incredible Bible-learning experiences kids see, hear and touch. Team games, cool songs, and multi-sensory Bible gymnastics are just a few of the fun that help faith flow into real life.

The fun starts July 26 thru 29th from 9 am to 12 noon. Parents, grandparents and friends are invited to our Sunday Celebration on August 1st for our ultimate Medal Ceremony.

Water Day on Wed (7/28) & Color Run on Thu (7/29)

REGISTER: $50 per child