Check-In First
Before going to your child’s Sunday classroom, we ask that the kids be signed in using our Check-In System. The child receives a name tag, one sticker for the classroom, and a parent code used to pick up your child at the end of the worship gathering. Parents will drop off their child at their Sunday school room and will pick them up there at the end.  
Nursery (1st Floor – Room 104)
The Nursery is for our littlest disciples who are infants, crawlers, and walkers. In this room are age appropriate toys for play and volunteers who love God and love reading books and a monthly Bible story to your little one. We want your little ones to know God’s love and meet God’s family while we embrace their physical needs. We love to affirm their new-found abilities and develop confidence in this new phase.
Early Childhood (1st Floor – Room 117)
Our Tidepool Room is for Preschool to Kindergarten age kids (restroom independent 3-year-olds up to 5 years old). During this hour, our goal is to pique their natural curiosity and invite them to experience the wonder of who God is. We currently use the TRU Wonder curriculum.  
Each week, the kids are welcomed to free play or an optional activity for the first 15 minutes. Then comes circle time which includes Mail Time as they learn the Remember Verse with motions, introducing the Bible lesson with a Chest of Wonder item, and a short Bible lesson. Lastly, they have table time where they have a craft and a snack.     
Parents receive the At Home Weekly, which tell you what they learned, a fun family activity, and what the kids will be learning the following week. This gives the parent opportunities to prime their kids before they even make it to Sunday morn
Elementary (1st Floor – Dock C)
Our Boardwalk Room is for kids 1st thru 5th grade. Our goal is for our elementary friends to discover their place in the Big God Story and make life-long friends. We are using the TRU Story curriculum. If kids leave our program as worshipers of God and lovers of Jesus, we know we have done our part well.  
KID-ZONE (10 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.): Between our 9 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Worship Gatherings is a time we call KID-ZONE! We hope to provide a space where elementary age kids can play and form deep friendships that go beyond Sunday mornings. There will be board games and fun activities for your child as they interact with other kids their age. This follows our value of being intentionally connected.   
SUNDAY SCHOOL (9 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.): Each week, the kids are welcomed with a warm smile by friends and teachers. We spend time in worship the first 15 minutes, thinking of our God Sightings of the week and singing our Worship Songs with Motions. We gather to hear the lesson or the sermonette from our Big God Story and play a game to hide God’s Word in our heart by our Remember Verse. The kids break up into small groups to go deeper into God’s Word and prayer as they form life-long friendships.  
Parents receive the At Home Weekly, just like the parents in preschool. Parents can also receive an online magazine called Home Front Magazine which explores different environments to spiritually parent your child.